Advisory board

For the purpose of the Programme we set up the Advisory Board, which is not a decision-making body and does not play a monitoring role, but is a deliberative and advisory body. The people we invited to be on the board have experience in a broad range of areas; in the social organisation community, local government, the academic world, the media, and people who were Applicants or experts assessing applications in the Programme. It was important to gain a perspective that was as broad and diverse as possible.

Members of the Advisory Board:

Michał Bilewicz, University of Warsaw Centre for Research on Prejudice (Warsaw)

Ignacy Dudkiewicz, Magazyn Kontakt (Warsaw)

Bartłomiej Głuszak, Warmińsko-Mazurski voivodship Social Organisation Federation (FOSA) (Olsztyn)

Cezary Obracht-Prondzyński, Gdańsk University Institute of Sociology, Kashubian Institute (Bytów)

Iwona Olkowicz, “Wiatraki Mazur” Local Product Development Association (Ełk)

Agnieszka Otapowicz, NGO Support Centre (Białystok)

Andrzej Rychard, Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Philosophy and Sociology (Warsaw)

Joanna Sadzik, Wiosna Association (Kraków)

Krystyna Skarżyńska, SWPS University (Warsaw)

Adam Szulczewski, Foundation for the Collegium Polonicum (Słubice)

Bartłomiej Świerczewski, Social Affairs Department, Wrocław Municipal Authority (Wrocław)

Marta Titaniec, Club of Catholic Intelligentsia and Saint Józef Foundation (Warsaw)

Katarzyna Zakroczymska, Foundation for Local Democracy, Active Citizens Fund – Regional Programme (Warsaw)

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