Experts and committees

The procedure for content-related assessment of applications in a call under the Active Citizens Fund – National Programme includes an open procedure of selection of independent experts on the basis of knowledge and experience in the areas for which funding is available under the Programme. Detailed information about their competences are provided in the recruitment announcements for thematic projects and sectoral projects.

Experts are bound by a conflict of interest statement and do not assessment applications from organisations with which they are connected in any way. They are required to declare any conflicts of interest that may arise due to personal, family, or emotional reasons, or due to political sympathy, professional relationships, a financial interest, or interest of any other kind that they have in common with Applicants and that may affect their ability to be impartiality in their assessment.

A full list of the names of the persons involved in assessing applications will be published once the assessment process has been completed in all of the calls for projects under the Programme.

The content-related assessment process also involves a Selection Committee, which consists of three persons representing the Operator, and two independent experts, and a Programme Committee, which consists of one representative of each member of the consortium. The minutes of meetings of the two Committees are published together with the results of each of the calls for projects.

Detailed information about the application assessment procedure can be found in chapter ten (Application submission and assessment procedure – in both the Thematic Project and Sectoral Project Guide) of the Applicant and Project Promoter Guide.

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