Results of call for proposals in a nutshell

Within the Active Citizens Fund – National programme, we awarded a total of 507 grants in 6 calls for proposals for a total of EUR 29,182,827:

A) 476 grants a total value of EUR 25,818,388  were awarded in 4 calls for proposal financed from  EEA Grants. This included:

  • 439 projects for EUR 20,951,357 in 2 calls for thematic projects
  • 37 grants for EUR 4,867,031 in 2 calls for sectoral projects (including 6 grants totalling EUR 800,908 31 dedicated for sectoral monitoring and advocacy projects)

B) 28 grants of a total value of EUR 2,970,000 were awarded in additional 2 calls for proposals organized in 2022 financed from the Norway Grants (as part of the Reserve Fund). This included:

  • 22 organisational grants of a total value of EUR 2,168,835 awarded to CSOs that conduct activity that is important to the entire third sector, its branch or a field in which they operate. Grants will be used for the activities to strengthen and develop an organisation in line with the longterm strategy/action plan adopted by the organisation or for ongoing activities consistent with the organisation’s mission and with the longterm strategy/action plan adopted by the organisation.
  • 6 grants of a total value of EUR 807,165 in the Media for democracy call to support the activities aiming at strengthening the media in Poland – particularly local and civic ones – so that they can more comprehensively and more effectively pursue functions that are essential from the perspective of contemporary democracy and protection of the democratic order.

C) Additionally, in December 2022 Program Committee decided to award 3 grants of a total value of EUR 388,439 from EEA and Norway Grants undisbursed in the 6 calls for proposals and returned by grantees. 2 granst were awared for projects from reserve list in Media for Democracy call and 1 from a reserve list in organisational grants.

Thematic projects

Among 476 grants awarded for thematic projects:

  • 224 of a total value of over EUR 5.9 million were for small grant projects  (EUR 5,000 to EUR 25,000)
  • 215 of a total value of over EUR 14.9 million were for large grant projects (EUR 25,000 to EUR 62,500)

On top of the grants received for implementing the projects, organisations could apply for additional amount of  grant up to EUR 5,000 (in case of small grants projects) or up to  EUR 12,500 (in case of large grants projects) and for the same amount of grant for the costs of participation of a partner from the Donor States.

Allocation of projects in 3 thematic programme priorities:

  1. Citizen participation in civic activities195 projects (103 large and 92 small) for EUR 9,061,143
  2. Human rights and antidiscrimination practices117 projects (54 large, 63 small) for EUR 5,957,316
  3. Empowerment of vulnerable groups – 127 projects (67 large, 60 small) for EUR 5,932,898.

Bilateral cooperation

Out of 507 projects funded in the programme 51 involved bilateral cooperation with entities from Donor States: Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway. These included:

  • 3 tripartite projects involving partner from Iceland and Norway
  • 33 bilateral projects with Norwegian partners
  • 14 projects with Icelandic partners
  • 1 project with a partner from Liechtenstein.

We encourage you to use our project finder where you can find all the projects in English version.

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