Active Citizens Fund – National programme consultations begin
20 December 2018

[Active Citizens Fund consultations – have your say!]

The Stefan Batory Foundation, the “Shipyard” Centre for Social Innovation and Research, and the Academy of Civic Organizations Foundation have begun consultations on the Active Citizens Fund-National programme for CSOs financed using EEA funds.

We would be very glad to hear your views, comments, and suggestions on the following:
• how the Fund can address challenges and needs of the civic society in Poland,
• the kind of measures it should support to achieve the envisaged results,
• what instruments can be added to the current funding instruments.
The viewpoints collected will help us to determine the final form of the Fund.

It is possible to take part in the consultations by:
• filling in an online questionnaire, which is available until 8 January, by clicking here www.konsultacje.aktywniobywatele.org.pl
• by applying to take part in the main consultation session, to be held on 17 January 2019 in Warsaw (the participants will be selected from among those who fill in section 1 of the online questionnaire)
• by applying to attend a thematic meeting concerning particular aspects of the fund or as part of a group of organisations that conduct similar activities – we will be accepting applications from organisations interested in consultations in this form until 10 January 2019.

We are interested in the views of as diverse a range of groups and communities as possible. We would like to hear from representatives of social organisations (active in various parts of Poland and in various thematic areas, and with various worldviews) but also from a broader group of people connected to them – activists operating in informal groups, representatives of CSOs, representatives of public authorities, and representatives of the academic world and media who work with the organisations.

Detailed information about the Fund’s main objectives and the document around which discussions will be centred can be found here: www.konsultacje.aktywniobywatele.org.pl.

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