International seminar “Hear the other” – Polish-Lithuanian seminar in Krasnogruda
15 March 2024

We recall the Polish-Lithuanian seminar “Hear the Other” which took place in October 2021 in Krasnogruda.

The short video relation:

We asked the participants what does the programme Active Citizens Fund – National and intercultural dialogue mean for them. Here are their stories.

Agnieszka Caban – Foundation Towards Dialogue:

Karina Melnytska – Ocalenie (Rescue) Foundation:

Agnieška Avin – social anthropologist from Vilnus:

Karolis Dambrauskas – Lithuanian Center for Social Sciences:

Rūta Ribinskaitė – project manager of Lithuanian Jewish (Litvak) community:

Aleksandra Zapolska – Zustricz Foundation:

More information on the seminar can be found TUTAJ.

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