Women of Łódź Have Power
civic activity
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
01-02-2021 - 30-11-2022
in progress
Project cost:
22 750,00 EUR
22 750,00 EUR
Types of activities:
activities to activate local communities (animation)
Target groups:
women, local community

United Nations research on development shows that women are not as visible in public and cultural spaces as men. They are less often invited to serve as experts on TV, and are rarely the protagonists in our history books. Women on the research team with the UPGEM project working in the field of physics described hardships in their careers due to gender stereotypes. They spoke about the lack of role models, which caused them to feel “like they don’t belong,” despite talent, knowledge and their accomplishments. The research concluded that having the ability to relate to the example of other women working in a given field strengthens the morale, increasing their chances to get involved in the public sphere. That is why our goal is to highlight women in sciences and public life to the citizens of Łódź.

We will interview the 1981 hunger march participants, the largest and often forgotten demonstration from the Polish People’s Republic era in Łódź. Mothers with children were at the helm of the march. The most inspiring stories will be published in a book form. During the summer vacation season, we will organize an urban game dedicated to women rebels (which was a name given to the participants of the hunger march), and those working in public life. The goal is to showcase the tradition of women’s activism and women Łódź that worked for the public benefit. The game will be directed to the youth, seniors, and young families.

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