Senior Lab in Cracow
14 July 2023

On 15 June, we celebrated World Elderly Rights Day. We celebrated this occasion in Cracow, where we held our programme Senior Lab (14-15 June). Grantees working with and for senior citizens networked, exchanged experiences and analysed the needs of their organisations in supporting older people. 

The workshop was attended by representatives of: Christian Foundation for Personal Development RONDO, WINDOW TO THE EAST Foundation, Foundation “Between Art and Therapy”, HereTogether Association, Green Group Association, Ktoś Foundation, ASSOCIATION FOR THE DISABLED “WITHOUT BARRIERS”, Aeris Futuro Foundation, The Central Association of the Kolping Society of Poland, Map of Passions Foundation, Association “CSA” Combine of Social Activity, Retina AMD Poland Association 

We encourage you to watch and listen to the inspiring stories of the participants at the meeting:

Photos Tomasz Markowski

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