Call for sectoral projects – webinar of 27 May 2020
02 June 2020

A free online meeting on the call for sectoral projects, which are projects aimed at providing support for development of the civil society. The video of the webinar is recommended for organizations intending to apply for a grant, whether as a leader or a partner in a project.

Webinar agenda:

  • Call for applications for grants for sectoral projects – basic information (objectives, areas funded, the implementing organizations). The types of activities for which funding is available in a call for sectoral projects [Piotr Henzler, Academy of Civic Organisations Foundation]
  • Administrative matters – organizations eligible to apply for grants, partnerships, grant amounts, the required contribution, schedule for activities, and other important information [Andrzej Pietrucha, Academy of Civic Organisations Foundation]
  • The application submission and assessment procedure [Piotr Henzler, Academy of Civic Organisations Foundation]
  • Question and answer session
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