“Voice&Vote – let’s rise above public consultation” – report
19 September 2023

On 18 and 19 September in Warsaw took plane an international meeting of representatives of organisations that deal with deliberative processes for involving citizens in decision-making. 

We discussed among people from 9 countries! We were introduced to the topic by Kuba Wygnański from the Shipyard Foundation and Ieva Cesnulaityte from Democracy Next, who told us how many such processes have already been implemented around the world and how important they are for facing social challenges and polarisation. We also learned about examples of implemented processes (citizens’ panels) among others from Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. 

The meeting is part of the regional initiative ‘Voice&Vote. Let’s rise above public consultation’ in our Programme, and was organised by the Shipyard Foundation. 

Photos Wojciech Radwański

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