First call for thematic projects
10 February 2020

The call for thematic projects is underway. We await project outlines between 10 February and 15 April. Foundations, associations, social cooperatives, rural housewife circles, and other organisations can apply for co-financing. Grants will be awarded for activities in three areas, which are active citizenship, human rights and equal treatment, and  empowerment of vulnerable groups.


A consortium of the Stefan Batory Foundation, the “Shipyard” Centre for Social Innovation and Research Foundation and the Academia of Civic Organisations Foundation issues the first call for thematic projects in the Active Citizens Fund – National, financed from the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 (EEA Grants).

The amount designated for grants for the first call is EUR 10 455 000.

The amounts allocated to particular support areas are:

  • Area 1: civic participation in public affairs and social activities: EUR 4 500 000
  • Area 2: protection of human rights and equal treatment: EUR 2 985 000
  • Area 3: empowerment of vulnerable groups: EUR 2 970 000.

The envisaged results of the Programme and particular areas for which support is provided are listed on the Programme website: https://aktywniobywatele.org.pl/en/about-the-fund/results/

There are two types of grants available in the call for proposals:

Small grants:

  • Minimum grant: EUR 5 000
  • Maximum grant: EUR 25 000
  • Project implementation period: between 8 and 24 months
  • Co-financing – 10% of project’s budget, may be entirely in the form of in-kind contribution (voluntary work).

Large grants:

  • Minimum grant: EUR 25 000
  • Maximum grant: 62 500 euro
  • Project implementation period: od 8 do 24 months
  • Co-financing – 10% of project’s budget, of which a minimum of 50% must be a financial contribution.

Applications can be submitted via the Online Application System available at wnioski.aktywniobywatele.org.pl

Deadlines for applications:

  • Project outlines can be submitted between 10 February 2020 (from 15.00 pm CET) and 15 April 2020 (up until 12.00 pm midday CEST)
  • Detailed projects can be submitted between 15 June 2020 (from 12.00 pm midday CEST) and 10 August 2020 (until 12.00 pm midday CEST)

All the information can be found here: Call for thematic projects

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