Conscious and Active Citizens Make a Good Commune
civic activity
City (headquarters):
Podmokle Małe
Voivodeship (headquarters):
01-10-2021 - 31-12-2022
Project cost:
30 000,00 EUR
30 000,00 EUR
Types of activities:
activities to activate local communities (animation), educational activities, civic participation, counteracting violence, self-organization / self-help
Target groups:
persons experiencing violence, local community

According to the surveys we conducted in 2020, community engagement in Babimost municipality (Lubuskie Voivodeship) decreased during the pandemic, and new divisions within the community emerged, particularly concerning the epidemic situation.

We responded to these issues by undertaking several actions. We prepared participants to take on leadership roles in the local community, conducted sessions and debates to expand knowledge about the pandemic, and took steps to develop knowledge and skills related to volunteering. Additionally, we organized workshops that increased participants’ understanding of gender equality, violence against women, and established a support point for women. In the final phase of the project, we implemented three research projects related to environmental protection with the project participants. Meanwhile, we also held environmental events where we presented innovative proposals for the municipality.

Evaluation surveys indicate that thanks to the workshops, participants have increased their knowledge in various areas, including the general pandemic awareness, volunteering, gender equality, and ecology.

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