Cooperation grassroots pro-migration initiatives with formal entities in Poland
civic sector development
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01-04-2021 - 30-06-2023
in progess
Project cost:
102 000,00 EUR
102 000,00 EUR

Our activist experience and participation in social research confirm that between the bottom-up groups and formalised entities there appear prejudice and tensions. On top of those differences, there is a social distrust related to the issue of migration and refuge in Poland. There are no publications referring to those tensions and recommending the mode of cooperation.
Our target is to investigate into the mechanisms of cooperation between the bottom-up initiatives functioning in the field of migration and refuge and various organisations and institutions. We will also identify the motivations to take up cooperation as well as obstacles and barriers that occur in the course of cooperation.
We address our activities to current bottom-up initiatives which are engaged in terms of support, education and information in the issues related to refuge and migration and to formalised entities cooperating with them or wishing to establish such a cooperation (local government institutions, business entities, media, social organisations).
The research results and activist activities will assume a form of recommendations for people supporting migrants and refugees from both types of organisations. We will make them popular with the use of interactive forms of communication, scientific and popular-scientific releases, a series of workshops and hybrid conference. We will help establish cooperation between pro-emigration groups and organisations and institutions. We do believe that they will increase efficiency, frequency and scope of cooperation and as a result they will support refugees and migrants in Poland more efficiently.
We cooperate with partners with complimentary competence and perspectives: a research institution (Centre for Migration Research at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań), pro-refuge group (Salam Lab), a team of journalists (Outriders) and activists. The location of the team in Poznań, Cracow and Warsaw will help us implement the project.

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