Court Watch Poland Foundation
organisational grant
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01-04-2022 - 30-04-2024
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100 000,00 EUR
100 000,00 EUR

The Court Watch Poland Foundation defends the observance of the right to a court as a right that protects the observance of all other human rights. It conducts monitoring, analytical, research, advocacy and educational activities in the area of the right to court. Court Watch has been conducting Citizen Monitoring of Courts for 12 years, during which 3,500 volunteers have visited more than 45,000 hearings in several hundred courts across the country. The Foundation trains new volunteers, collects observations from them and annually publishes reports and organises conferences aimed at judges and decision-makers. The degree of recognition and positive reception of the Foundation’s activities in the judicial community can be evidenced by the fact that the Foundation’s conference was hosted by both the Supreme Court (2017) and the Supreme Administrative Court (2019). The Foundation also endeavours to reach out to local courts, where all judges of a given court have the opportunity to learn about the findings of the monitoring. Foundation is also invited to speak at conventions and congresses of judges’ associations. The organisation estimates that approximately 1,300 judges have taken part in direct meetings. The results of the cyclical monitoring show that these activities have led to a threefold reduction in the incidence of certain disturbing phenomena in the courts. Monitoring of the observance of the right to court is accompanied by monitoring of the legislative process and advocacy activities in this area. The Foundation provides opinions on draft legislation, participates in the legislative process and submits its proposals for changes. Within the framework of the institutional grant, the Foundation plans, inter alia, to increase the activity of volunteers by creating a mobile application for them and carrying out training, as well as to use new, promotional tools, and to look for new fundraising solutions. It will also implement new HR procedures and IT solutions.

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The organisation received an additional grant of EUR 8,000.00 to enhance the products and results achieved under this grant.

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