EcoCitizen – Support for Interventions and Systemic Changes.
civic activity
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
01-02-2022 - 28-02-2023
in progress
Project cost:
66 282,00 EUR
66 282,00 EUR
Types of activities:
social actions and campaigns, educational activities
Target groups:

The 2019 Eurobarometer study results indicate that as many as 88% of Poles are aware of the impact that the condition of natural environment has on the quality of their life. We believe it to have high potential to action which still does not translate to a sufficient extent into civic activities that could have effective impact on the both local and national policy.
We will address this problem by launching a consultation and interventional point offering consultancy to people wishing to organise an intervention or watchdog activities for the environment. We will organise 12 field visits to support local communities in their interventions. We will create an online guide service with a newsletter and will publish a ‘How to Intervene?’ instruction booklet on how to engage in activities for the environment. Individuals or groups interested in the topic will be provided with access to consultations. We will also hold five workshops on effective interventions. We will show citizens via promotional activities that regardless of age, level of education or social status they can effectively engage in specific activities for forests, the climate, and improved air quality. Our activities will focus on skilful interventions, since our experience shows that pressure exerted on authorities tends to produce visible effects. In the project we will support individuals intervening for the first time, as well as experienced activist groups.

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