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empowerment of vulnerable groups
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
04-06-2022 - 04-06-2022
in progress
Project cost:
67 500 EUR
67 500 EUR
Types of activities:
art activities, counselling, psychological support
Target groups:
young adults, youth

We realized the problems of vulnerable young persons when working on the project Active Elbląg. This is confirmed by police statistics (on juvenile crime and domestic abuse) and social welfare center statistics, and conclusions reached at meetings with centers that work with young people. Discussions with them revealed a need to act to empower and integrate young people into the community, and to introduce new methods of addressing the needs of young people, other than those employed in facilities today. They also revealed a shortage of personnel, and this hinders provision of assistance individually. The work of the centers focuses on solving daily problems and relationships of people in this age group within the center. It is important to create a space where young people will have to find themselves and form new relationships.
The project envisages work with young people in the Elbląg district who are socially excluded due to violence, psychological disorders, addiction, disability, neglectful upbringing, and learning difficulties. The objective is to improve their social abilities and teamwork skills, self-confidence, and feeling of physical capability.
We draw up a personal assistance plan with each individual. We provide psychological support, coaching on social abilities, coaching on being independent, artetherapy, and creativity workshops. We work together to produce a theatre performance on a subject chosen by young people, a picnic at which the performance is put on for the local community, and an exhibition of the participants’ works.
The measures will benefit 22 vulnerable young people (aged 15-21) who will improve their feeling of physical capability, confidence, and creative problem-solving. They will devise ways of reducing their anxiety through communication tools, and increase awareness in measures to prevent violence. They will learn that they have the power to take responsibility for themselves and learn how to do so.

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