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City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
30-12-2021 - 30-12-2021
in progress
Project cost:
24 826 EUR
24 826 EUR
Types of activities:
educational activities, training of professional groups
Target groups:
youth, professionals

Young offender centers operate on the basis of a regulation of 2001, which has not been reviewed for twenty years. The regulation is not suited to young people today and does not provide for any rules on prevention of discrimination or improving young people’s awareness of the law. At the same time, discrimination in Poland is becoming a more serious problem, and the perpetrators are very often young people of a low level of awareness. The Ombudsmen for Children stated in 2018 that new, effective methods need to be devised for working with difficult juveniles in young offender centers. There is a huge need on the part of custody officers for new methods and tools.

The aim of the project is to provide training for 30 custody officers at 15 young offender centers in Poland (two persons from each center). The training will concern the tools and methods for aggression replacement training, including moral reasoning training, which has been proven to be effective all over the world. Custody officers will be given an international aggression replacement training coach certificate. The persons who do the training will introduce the tools described above for working with young people who have a low level of awareness of their rights and who commit acts of discrimination towards others. In addition, young offender centers will begin working with local organizations and activists on a joint campaign to combat discrimination and defend human rights in their communities. This will be summarized in its entirety at a conference that combines the custody officer community and organizations and scientists from all over Poland. A Best Practice Bank will be published and distributed to all young offender centers in Poland, and will be material for use in advocacy measures with respect to government institutions such as the Ministry of Justice.

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