Improved identification of foreigners who are victims of torture and abuse
human rights
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
30-06-2022 - 30-06-2022
in progress
Project cost:
34 986 EUR
31 487 EUR
Types of activities:
watchdog activities, use the effects of monitoring to conduct advocacy or intervention activities, psychological support
Target groups:
migrants, professionals

By law, foreigners who are subjected to torture and abuse may not be detained. The Legal Aid Center (Centrum Pomocy Prawnej) and other organizations that provide legal aid for people in detention have observed past cases of placement of torture victims in secure facilities. Analyses of the reviewed cases show that this occurs due to inadequate identification of victims of abuse and torture.

Under the project, monitoring and advocacy will be conducted with respect to facilities for foreigners: interviews with foreigners and Border Guard officials in two secure facilities, and detention case studies. If victims of torture and abuse are identified during the monitoring, they will be provided with full support. The data obtained will be used to produce a report and recommendations for institutional changes. The report will be intended for national and international institutions responsible for implementation of immigration policy and defending human rights. In addition to the report, the project will include, with respect to advocacy, awareness-raising measures: training with a psychologist for the Border Guard on initial identification of torture victims, and an e-learning course on initial identification of abuse victims, intended for secure facilities and Border Guard training centers. The monitoring results and analysis findings will be made public during online events to which members of institutions that have an influence over the situation of foreigners placed in detention will be invited.

The project will result in more extensive evaluation of the system of support for this special group of foreigners, and more effective identification of torture and abuse victims, and will ensure that they are provided with the protection they are entitled to by law in practice.

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