Institute for Patient Rights and Health Education
organisational grant
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01-05-2022 - 30-04-2024
in progess
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75 000,00 EUR
75 000,00 EUR

The Institute for Patient Rights and Health Education is dedicated to supporting systemic solutions aimed at improving the situation of patients and influencing the shaping of national health policy. The Institute works to network and professionalise the patient organisation community, organises regular meetings with decision-makers, takes an active part in public consultations, carries out advocacy in cooperation with patient organisations, and provides substantive and institutional support to these organisations. It is the largest organisation that networks, collaborates and supports patient organisations from a wide range of medical fields (collaborates with around 300 organisations). In 2017, the Institute developed a report on patient organisations in Poland, and maintains Poland’s largest knowledge base on organisations working on behalf of health. Since 2007, it has been organising the Patient Organisations Forum every year for representatives of more than 150 patient organisations to integrate the patient organisation community and train them on communication, management, public health, financing methods. One of the most important achievements expected by the patient organisation community has been the enactment of the Patients’ Rights and Patients’ Ombudsman Act, an idea that was initiated at one of the Forums. Within the framework of the organisational grant, the Institute plans, among other things, nationwide conferences to network patient organisations, training and workshops for their leaders, advocacy activities carried out in cooperation with patient organisations. It will also continue the Patients’ Organisations Support Centre, which, through a series of audits, the development and introduction of a Charter of Good Governance Principles, the launch of an expert support centre and training, improves the management standards of organisations and influences the development of their competences.

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The organisation received an additional grant of EUR 8,000.00 to enhance the products and results achieved under this grant.

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