Investigative Journalism Hub
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02-01-2023 - 30-04-2024
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137 180,00 EUR
137 180,00 EUR

Over the last couple of years Poland dropped from the 18th (in 2015) position of the Reporters Without Borders press freedom ranking to the 66th (in 2022). Authors of the 2021 ‘A New Deal for Journalism’ report (Forum on Information & Democracy) argue that independent journalism is now facing numerous threats – financial crisis, decline of public trust and the rebirth of authoritarian governance. Since 2015, the media market in Poland has been being largely politicised and centralised, and there are no occasions for independent media (both local and national) to exchange experience and knowledge. We will address these problems by creating an Investigative Journalism Hub – a cooperation and exchange programme between local media and journalists or investigative journalists. We will organise Investigaton – a investigative journalism marathon for journalists from local and national media. During the event we will run workshops and will initiative cooperation between teams. We want journalists to support one another in raising their competencies and enrich the workshop with new work tools. The Investigative Journalism Hub, namely the network of investigative journalists will be based on cooperation and not competition, e.g., members will gather data together and work in teams. Within the Hub we will support cooperation between teams by means of mentoring, knowledge exchange and access to new work tools. We will support groups of journalists in their work on topics that are crucial for local communities and are of supralocal significance.

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The organisation received an additional grant of EUR 8,000.00 to enhance the products and results achieved under this grant.

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