OSP – the potential of youth
civic sector development
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
Klon/Jawor Association, Warszawa, Poland
08-03-2021 - 30-09-2023
Project cost:
132 500,00 EUR
132 500,00 EUR
Types of activities:
Target groups:

1 What were the issues or challenges the project aimed to address?

The implementation of the project was needed because of the inadequate management support of volunteer fire departments (TSOs) and their personnel problems, in particular – the need to rejuvenate the management staff. This casts a pall over the entire TSO movement as local NGOs also pursuing many non-emergency socially important goals.
And that this is needed and important is evidenced not only by the applicant’s internal information, but also by data from a survey conducted by the Klon/Jawor Association “TSOs – Local Cultural Centers,” according to which 48% of respondents note inadequacies in organizational management (e.g., an overly leadership style of leadership), affecting the functioning of TSOs in local communities. They also point to a lack of qualified staff to work with youth or a break in generational cooperation.
The “TSO – the potential of youth” project responded to the need for greater participation of young people in management in volunteer fire departments (TSOs). These are organizations often even based on a command model of management. Demographic problems and rural migration have worsened the human potential in local communities (generation gap in TSOs). Young people are also deterred by increasing bureaucracy, management responsibilities that require them to be above average.

2 What did the project do?

The project began with an in-depth survey of the TSO community, with a particular focus on youth. The primary activity of the project was the TSO Leadership School. This is a training and workshop venture (leadership, communication and management skills). In addition, participants took part in study visits, received consulting support. The TSO Leadership School was completed by 54 TSO representatives, or 108 people (tandem: a young leader and a youth worker in TSO). The project’s open activities, primarily counseling for TSOs, i.e. webinars, live’s, texts, etc., were open to all interested persons (participation of 2224 TSOs). The counseling activities included 9 journalistic, research texts, 10 counseling texts, 21 educational materials (infographics, webinar recordings, animations).

The changes achieved will be long-term. This is indicated primarily by the awareness of the need in the firefighting community and the timeliness of the project’s products for a longer period of time. On this we can build a regular, comprehensive and attractive offer of TSO support.

3 What results did the project achieve and for whom?

From the perspective of the Polish TSO Association, the project was successful. Formal and legal counseling has been expanded and made more attractive, there has been an increase in leadership competencies in hundreds of male and female druzhas, and increased activities are being undertaken to network male and female leaders in the fire departments. Organizations that have benefited from the project’s activities have been strengthened. The communication system in the Polish TSO Association has improved – we are using remote communication tools more boldly, and establishing direct relations with TSOs.

Thanks to the project, there has been a significant change in the TSO sector. First of all, more than a hundred leaders received leadership skills that will allow multiplication of good practices, implementation of the open leader model in more TSOs. The second major change is the realization among firefighters and firefighters that TSOs are also NGOs. Hence the crucial integration with the ngo community and the partnership with the Klon/Jawor Association.

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