rE-medium – a CMS solution for small and medium-sized press publishers
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01-11-2022 - 30-04-2024
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189 948,00 EUR
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For many years now, we have been witnessing a crisis of printed press in Poland. In 2019 one of the biggest Polish distributors, RUCH SA, was on the verge of bankruptcy, causing a lot of damage to small and middle-sized publishers. Garmond SA, another major distributor, found itself in similar circumstances in 2020. The pandemic, rising inflation, and war in Ukraine caused hikes in prices of paper and many of the press salons closed their doors. As a result, it is difficult for small and medium sized publishers to stay afloat. It is particularly acute for those media organizations without the government’s support, which can eventually become a threat to the Polish democracy. A development of paid, digital access to content is a chance for a survival of small and medium publishers and an actual defense of the free media in Poland. Meanwhile, IT services that would make that possible are often too expensive for the newsrooms in questions. We would like to create a unique tool called “rE-medium” (rE-medy), which will make the work of newsrooms interested in such solutions easier. We will organize meetings with publishers to narrow down the needs and expectations for the tool. We will test different functionalities of this new system to meet the demands of news teams, make workflow and copy editing easier, as well as communication with the readers more seamless. We will improve its marketing functions, subscription tools and will be able to better utilize user databases. We will organize workshops presenting the product to interested institutions, with representatives of at least five newsrooms and publishers. We will share our experiences and best practices for the implementation of the system. Lastly, we will propose creating a network, which will allow us to stay in touch and continue exchanging experiences and support each other.

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The organisation received an additional grant of EUR 8,000.00 to enhance the products and results achieved under this grant.

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