Residential emergency services
empowerment of vulnerable groups
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
31-12-2021 - 31-12-2021
Project cost:
19 546 EUR
19 546 EUR
Types of activities:
legal support
Target groups:

Although as many as 75% of people polled (Legal Problems of Poles – D.A.S. 2018) say there is a need for legal assistance in Poland, in practice there is still very little access to information on legal matters, and some members of the public cannot afford private legal consultations. The poll Legal Awareness among Poles (SW Research, 2019) reveals that one in four respondents in fact identify financial limitations as the greatest factor preventing access to legal assistance. Tenants of properties sold to the private sector are particularly affected by this problem. This group is estimated to number more than 10 000 residents, according to the Long-Term Kraków Municipal Residential Resources and Temporary Premises Resources Development Plan for 2018-2023 and the Kraków Municipal Authority Real Property Black Book. This group usually comprises economically vulnerable persons or persons rendered economically vulnerable due to rent being driven by market conditions in residential units once they are sold to the private sector.
The project will address the problem of the poor quality of the legal aid network and tenants’ poor awareness of legal matters.
We plan to provide legal consultations for tenants in properties sold to the private sector, and will also spread information about tenants’ rights through legal awareness measures (four lectures and four workshops for tenants) and through a website with a database, templates, and case studies. We will provide training for III-V year law students and young law graduates to provide legal aid for tenants in a voluntary program.
The project will improve legal aid for tenants and empower them by providing tools for them to resolve legal matters singlehandedly.
The measures will encompass 80 tenants of properties sold to the private sector, from Kraków, and 12 volunteers (students and young lawyers).

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