Saving the Głogoczów identity from oblivion.
civic activity
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
Fjellugla Kompetanse AS, Tynset, Norway
30-09-2022 - 30-09-2022
in progress
Project cost:
34 998 EUR
34 998 EUR
Types of activities:
activities to activate local communities (animation), art activities, educational activities
Target groups:
women, local community

Our observations show that the number of migrants in the Głogoczów village (Myślenice commune in the Małopolskie province) is increasing, which makes keeping and developing local identity and community more challenging. Survey results show that people living here see the problem of weakening ties between neighbours, growing divisions and vanishing traditions in our village. The vast majority of respondents believe that the Public Archive of the Głogoczów village, which is now being created, could be a place for activating the local community around its history and culture. In the same survey we asked inhabitants what would engage us all most effectively in joint initiatives, and this project was believed to address their needs well.
Our organisation, namely the Rural Homemakers’ Club in Głogoczów, which has for the last couple of years been an important centre of local activity and which is involved in developing the Public Archive is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary. To commemorate it, we will interview long-term members and collect old photos for the ‘Save from Oblivion…’ exhibition. Together with younger residents, we will organise a field game workshop to invent field tasks in Głogoczów. For families, we will organise a cycle of cooking workshops, which will create an excellent opportunity to talk about local heritage. Together with villagers, we will think of an adequate formula for a meeting summarising the project.
We are supported in this project by the Norwegian Fjellugla Kompetanse AS Folk Institute, which has vast experience in developing local communities and nurturing regional heritage. We will visit the organisation to exchange knowledge on engaging rural communities and to look for practices we could implement in Głogoczów.

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