Stronger voice of social organisations in advocacy activities
civic sector development
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02-04-2021 - 30-09-2023
in progress
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128 791,00 EUR
124 991,00 EUR
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Organisations in Poland are to a minor extent engaged in sector-wide representation activities. The process of consultation of legislation on foundations and associations is mostly attended by few organisations. Strong, large organisations, including federations, most frequently do not consult sector-wide regulations, thou their potential is big. It is important to make the representation in the civic sector more visible and more efficient. In the course of the project implementation, we intend to make the organisations aware of how they are able to impact legislation, enhance their competence and work out the rules of cooperation. We also need a debate on foundation-related legislation and working out recommendations for regulations which will be favourable for 26 thousand foundations registered in Poland.
We will:
– create an informal network of organisations which are going to cooperate in sector-wide representation;
– monitor the process of making legislation related to social organisations at the central and European level;
– organise a cycle of 5 seminars and workshops devoted to developing recommendations for good regulations related to foundations, foundations manifest and information material about foundations;
– hold a training course on monitoring and representation, two representational campaigns and we will arrange meeting with Members of Parliament;
– develop a diagnosis of the scale of supporting recommendations by Polish foundations through social research;
– develop a scientific publication analysing the solutions on foundation-related legislation and we will hold classes for students.
Our partner will be the Institute for the Applied Social Sciences of the University of Warsaw which is going to support the project with its experience and research background. Moreover, the partnership is also going to constitute a platform for exchanging knowledge and experience among the representatives of the civic sector and the people of academia.

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