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City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
02-11-2021 - 31-12-2022
in progress
Project cost:
27 800,00 EUR
27 800,00 EUR
Types of activities:
educational activities, information activities, intervention actions and assistance for lgbt+ people exposed to violence, including domestic and sexual violence
Target groups:
LGBT+, professionals

This project addresses the problem of discrimination and exclusion of LGBT+ people in Kielce. Recently there was a huge wave of symbolic abuse towards the LGBT+ community due to the rainbow bench project, which was part of the Civic Budget. The hate campaign, in which the media also played a part, led to ‘ideological’ projects being banned under future budget rules. The rainbow benches were quickly destroyed and hateful and homophobic slogans were written on them. At the same time, the city authorities made no comment on the homophobic motives behind the vandalism. Meanwhile, the education authority openly opposes measures to support LGBT people, such as rainbow Fridays. In addition, past initiatives to help LGBT+ people in Kielce were suspended due to the pandemic.
The Project Promoter will prepare a series of measures to support LGBT + people in Kielce and the region, including six open integration and awareness meetings, four self-defence and assertiveness workshops for approximately forty women, and two psychoeducation workshops on emergency intervention combined with an on-call therapy service, which will benefit approximately ten people. There will also be two discrimination prevention workshops for government clerks and teachers, thirty people in total. There will also be an outdoor poster campaign to trigger a discussion among the city authorities on local social policy and lack of measures to support minorities.
The project is intended for LGBT+ people in Kielce and to the local community in general. LGBT+ people will be given support in emergencies, feel safer, and live more comfortably in Kielce. People working in government offices or education will become more knowledgeable on how to counteract discrimination.
The Regional Voluntary Work Centre will assist the Project Promoter in finding volunteers to help LGBT+ people, and premises and infrastructure necessary for meetings and workshops.

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