The World Changers. We Are Changing the World Locally and Responding to Global Problems.
civic activity
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
01-01-2021 - 15-10-2022
in progress
Project cost:
50 000,00 EUR
45 000,00 EUR
Types of activities:
activities to activate local communities (animation), educational activities
Target groups:
activists / community leaders, children, youth, local community

According to the development strategy for Łódzkie Voivodeship, people living in this region are rarely engaging in civic initiatives, have a low interest in collaboration efforts and low sense of responsibility for their environment. Our observations suggest that the Covid-19 pandemic only deepened these social problems. We would like to address them by engaging scouts from Łódzkie Voivodeship in initiatives focused on their area and community. It is a group that exhibits above-average involvement and civic engagement and can encourage other citizens from their hometowns to participate in local projects with its activities. We will conduct a series of workshops for the scout leaders that will prepare them to take their teams and prepare educational activities focused on balanced local development, designing social projects, and discussing climate change. As part of the implementation of the micro-projects, the youth will be able to create partnerships with other groups that are active in their area.

To make our children and youth aware of the nature of our global problems, we will be employing a method of storytelling – we will pass along true stories from the World Changers from around the globe, those working to address the global issues. That way we will show that anyone can change the world, we will encourage searching for areas where changes may be needed and will inspire creative thinking. Our project will be aided by a textbook for scout leaders that is full of inspiring stories, tips on different methods, and knowledge necessary to implement civic initiatives. We will also design a board game about the World Changers that will be distributed to younger and older scouts from Łódzkie Voivodeship (it will also be published in an online version, available for download and printing at home). The game will support global education, promote civic engagement, and teach cooperation and dialogue.

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