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01-03-2022 - 01-03-2022
in progress
Project cost:
24 045 EUR
22 050 EUR
Types of activities:
educational activities
Target groups:

The average time taken to issue a decision in cases concerning international protection in Poland is 14.5 months. In Poland, international protection is granted to only a small portion of applicants. For this reason, many people re-apply. These people include a large group redirected to Poland from other EU countries under the Dublin regulation. As a result, from the moment the first application is filed – in Poland or a different EU country – until the final decision is obtained, foreigners’ lives may be put on hold for as long as a few years. During this time, there is very little pre-integration support, and these people often have to work illegally due to not having a work permit. In addition, centres for foreigners are located in remote places.

The project is intended for foreigners who are waiting to be granted refugee status in Poland, and reside in the Dębak Foreigners Centre in Podkowa Leśna or secure facilities. Under the project, support will be provided in the form of educational activities for children, excursions, integration events for foreigners, and activities for learning about Polish culture. At the same time, foreigners will receive support in organising daily affairs and meeting their day-to-day needs such as doctors’ appointments, their material situation, access to a psychologist, school, and much more. Our activities will also involve monitoring the conditions in the centres and situations of persons placed in secure facilities. Where necessary, violations of rights of refugees will be publicised. Relations with groups providing support for refugees in Germany will be developed. Up to 100 foreigners will receive direct support under the project.

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