With concern for equality. Protection against burnout and the power of equality organisations
civic sector development
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01-04-2021 - 31-03-2023
in progress
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150 000,00 EUR
150 000,00 EUR
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The current social and political situation in Poland aggravates overstressing and speeds up burning-out of activists from minority organisations and those functioning in favour of human rights and the rights of the discriminated groups. The social polarisation and radicalism as well as progressive dismantling of human rights in Poland have an adverse impact on the overall social sector, in particular they weaken equality organisations and groups and organisations supporting discriminated groups.
The project aims at strengthening the organisations and groups engaged in human rights and equality education issues Poland-wide as well as at the improvement of their capacities for long-term and efficient activities. The research on activists’ burn-out in equality activities is going to result in knowledge on the status and problems of this part of civic activities sector. Series of trainings, specialist and tailor-made organisation support tracks, webinars, on-line courses and workout for well-being coaches in equality organisations and publication promoting regenerating activism will be an enhancement, too.
The project is going to be implemented by the RegenerAction Foundation in cooperation with Human Rights Academy / Menneskerettighets Akademiet from Oslo and with the domestic partners such as: Anti-Discrimination Education Society and Profound Democracy Foundation. While implementing the project, we will also cooperate with Development Walking in Forests and Ulex. By dint of the partners’ engagement, we are capable of disseminating the project onto a wider group of organisations and collective communities from Poland as well as to analyse Polish tools for equality education against the tools used by the Norwegian partner so as to make them more efficient and long-lasting.

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