Report on the “Organisations ready for the future” meeting
12 March 2024

On 1 March 2024, representatives of social organisations met in Warsaw as part of the MANGO pre-definition project. They discussed whether and how organisations can prepare for an uncertain future.

The opening discussion of the event identified various factors that will affect the functioning of the third sector: demographic change, money, environmental issues, cultural change, technological developments, global and local politics, and migration and refugees. This was followed by project presentations on different strategies for community organisations.

The meeting was organised by the Academy of Civic Organizations Foundation and was attended by representatives from the Association Krakow Smog Alert, Rule of Law Institute Foundation, Copernicus Science Centre, Club of Catholic Intelligentsia, Rak’n’Roll Foundation, Krzyżowa Foundation, Civil Society Development Foundation, SYNAPSIS Foundation, Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP), Ronald McDonald House,  Committee For Children Rights Protection

Find out more about the event [here]

MANGO is a project that aims to support the work of civil society organisations, particularly those working outside major cities and in rural areas. The Mobile NGO Academy provides training and support to organisations wishing to expand or improve their activities.

Photo: Anna Liminowicz

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