Results of stage I of the call for thematic projects
15 June 2020

Out of 1308 project outlines found eligible for content-related assessment, 385 were accepted for stage II. In accordance with the rules of the call for projects, the projects awarded the highest scores, with a combined budget of 150% of the value of the allocated funds, were accepted for the detailed project stage.

If more projects were awarded the minimum score required to go through to stage II, all of the projects were accepted for the detailed project stage, even if this meant exceeding 150% of the funds allocated for grants in the first call.
Congratulations to those organizations whose applications were accepted for stage II! Detailed projects can be submitted starting from noon today, 15 June, and can be submitted up until noon on 10 August.
Also from noon today onwards, all Applicants will be able to access their application assessment sheets, by logging on to the Online Application System.
Organizations whose projects were not accepted for the next stage are heartily encouraged to apply in the second call for thematic projects. The deadline for submitting project outlines is in November!

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