A Civic Audit of the Balanced Development of Our Town
civic activity
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
Klimaalliansen, Kristiansand, Norway
01-12-2020 - 30-11-2022
Project cost:
81 455,00 EUR
81 455,00 EUR
Types of activities:
social actions and campaigns, activities to activate local communities (animation), educational activities, action for change/establishing new legal solutions, civic participation
Target groups:
decision makers, youth, local government, local community

In recent years, while implementing projects in various parts of Poland, we had the opportunity to observe social activities in several cities. The biggest discrepancy between the aspirations and engagement of the youth and the commitment of the local government to sustainable development and climate change adaptation was noticed in Pionki (Masovian Voivodeship). In 2018, there was a malfunction at the wastewater treatment plant, which resulted in the pollution of the local river. To mitigate the negative effects of pollution, the youth spread information on how to reduce water consumption in residential areas. Despite the enthusiasm of the young people, the local government offered limited support for their initiatives and did not provide continuous assistance to residents who wanted to act for the environment. Government program competitions promoted by the city office were often inaccessible to the youth as they required personal financial contributions.

In response, we formed a team in Pionki consisting of 20 young activists, primarily from the student councils of three high schools. We conducted a series of workshops on local project planning and implementation, establishing an association, creating a climate strategy, and developing journalistic skills. The goal of the workshops was to create a youth vision for the city by 2030 and conduct an audit of the local government and communal companies in terms of supporting residents in ecological actions and climate change adaptation. The youth evaluated the city’s current strategic documents and, in consultation with communal companies, reviewed their educational activities and financial support for residents.

We also organized a visit to our partner in Norway – Klimaalliansen, during which we learned about changes in the habits of city residents towards more climate-friendly practices. During the partner’s visit to Pionki, we learned about the establishment of a community garden and food self-sufficiency in urban settings.

As a result of our project, a local association called “Green Light” was established to continue the actions initiated by us. Additionally, a sustainable community garden was created, where workshops can be conducted, and sustainable cultivation techniques are observed during maintenance.

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