A yes to nationwide sexual education!
human rights
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
31-01-2022 - 31-01-2022
Project cost:
62 200 EUR
62 200 EUR
Types of activities:
educational activities, advocacy activities, networking
Target groups:
activists / community leaders, youth, local community

Poland is party to international treaties such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Under this convention, the right to sex education is regarded as a human right, while this right is not respected in Poland. Children and young people attending school are not assured reliable sex education that reflects current knowledge.
A network of sexual educators from small and medium-sized towns in Poland will be formed under the project. These educators will work to get sex and equality education programs introduced at local government level. The regulators will be trained to provide sexual education and educate on discrimination prevention (as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, WHO sexuality education standards, and elsewhere) and their place in formal and informal education, and will also learn methods of conducting social dialogue and advocacy, and procedures for drawing up and implementing resolutions making sexual and discrimination prevention education a duty of public authorities.
The persons who receive training will conduct pilot classes for young people in their municipalities, districts, and cities, and hold meetings with representatives of local government and schools, and parents. They will draw up proposals for resolutions and work to get them adopted.
Under the project, 40 educators from 20 local organizations will be given training, and 10 local resolutions will be produced. A group of almost 200 pupils will take part in the pilot classes.

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