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civic sector development
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01-09-2021 - 29-02-2024
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137 500,00 EUR
137 500,00 EUR

The project, implemented by the Bona Fides Association for Civil Activity in cooperation with its partner, the Anna and Józef Kumorek AJKUM Foundation, tackles the important issue of mobbing in NGO sector as well as organizations compliance with the principles resulting from the Labor Code and the Civil Code. What can be observed is the lack of competent and access-free tools as well as know-how on the Internet concerning anti-mobbing practices and regulations devoted to NGOs. Moreover the information which can be found on the Internet are often contradicted – for instance some sources indicate that the employer should have an anti-mobbing procedure, others that there is no such obligation.

The project consists of several phases such as monitoring to thoroughly investigate the mentioned phenomenon, then a report will be developed to present the results of the monitoring. Then it will be presented to a wide range of organizations, informational campaign will be also carried oud. Anti-mobbing procedures developed within the scope of the project will be piloted in selected organizations.

One of the key activities of project is related to monitoring of Polish NGOs for compliance with the principles of the Labor Code and the Civil Code, respectively in the field of anti-mobbing activities. Minimum number of 500 organizations will be the subject of the research as a part of the project activities. Monitoring report with recommendations for implementation both for the third sector entities and their stakeholders will be published.

The results of the project will include improved access to competent knowledge on anti-mobbing measures and increased awareness of the problem of mobbing in NGO sector. The partner with whom the project is implemented, AJKUM Foundation, is an entity created by experts with extensive experience i.e. working for NGO sector and business sector as far as the mentioned problem-area is concerned.

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We use the grant for capacity building

The organisation received an additional grant of EUR 10 000,00, under the Stronger Voice call, for the dissemination of the products and results achieved in the implemented project.

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