Active immigrants for their communities
empowerment of vulnerable groups
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
31-12-2021 - 31-12-2021
Project cost:
62 946 EUR
60 804 EUR
Types of activities:
counselling, assistants' support
Target groups:

In Gdańsk, migrants make up approximately 10% of inhabitants, and this number is increasing. We have observed abuse on the part of the system and government clerks and that there are no uniform information and procedures that are intelligible for migrants. These observations are confirmed in a report by the Supreme Audit Office (Najwyższa Izba Kontroli) of 2019 on the ability of public authorities to deal with processes concerning foreigners.
The project will address the problem of ineffectiveness of migration management policy and the increase in prejudice- and hate-related crime and violence (and due to other motives) against migrants.
The project is intended to empower migrant groups, harness their potential and skills, and include them in measures to help their own communities and interests.
We will launch a programme for internships for residence issue counsellors: we will provide training for two people in migrant communities on regulations on legalization of residence and working in Poland, and customer service standards. In a training scheme that lasts almost a year they will learn how to provide information and counselling for their communities, and also single-handedly represent their interests publicly. We will set up an Immigrant Right Defense Center (Punkt Ochrony Praw Imigrantów) to provide assistance (legal and psychological aid, and an assistant role) for migrants who have been subjected to violence, discrimination, and abuse. We also plan for work to continue of two female assistants of children who have experienced migration in schools.
As a result of the measures, two migrants will begin work as residence counselors, comprehensive support will be provided for 30 migrants subjected to violence, discrimination, or exploitation, and a minimum of 60 children who have experienced migration will receive support from the assistants and will be included effectively in the Polish school system.

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