CAMP – Center of Active Residents of Poznań
civic sector development
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
SoCentral, Oslo, Norway
Poznań City, Poznań, Poland
19-03-2021 - 29-02-2024
in progress
Project cost:
159 610,00 EUR
149 890,00 EUR
Types of activities:
Target groups:

The project responds to the problems of non-governmental organizations (Report on the conduction of the third sector, Klon/Jawor, Diagnosis of the third sector and volunteer activities, City of Poznań, 2018) related to i.a. acquiring funds for activities, retaining personnel and volunteers, developing intersectoral cooperation as well as lack of place for integrating the sector in Poznań.

CAMP – Center of Active Residents of Poznań is the name not only of the project, but also of a specific place in Poznań created for and with NGO and inhabitants of Greater Poland.

As part of the project, we will ensure that the support center and the networking platform will be operating, thanks to which 100 NGO, including at least 30 entities with little experience, will receive help with their ongoing activities. We will support the integration of the environment and cooperation with offices. At the level of the province, we will be developing and supporting social activities of at least 100 inhabitants, and most importantly, we will provide ongoing and specialist support for at least 250 foundations and associations.

In a second part of the project (CAMP as the Center for Social Innovations) we will develop and implement 14 new solutions for the benefit of the third sector together with our partners and support the implementation of intersectoral initiatives.

Thanks to the project implementation, new jobs in the third will be created in Poznań, 14 intrasectoral and 5 intersectoral initiatives will be implemented, social activities will be strengthened in 15 environments, and a platform for integration and cooperation of NGO will be created.

Thanks to the cooperation between partners (City of Poznań and the Norwegian company SoCentral) from three sectors, the activities are comprehensive and may be innovative. The partner from the local government increases the scale and power of promotion, whereas the foreign partner allows us to take advantage of Norwegian experience and solutions.

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