Centre for Prison Art
empowerment of vulnerable groups
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
01-01-2022 - 31-12-2023
in progress
Project cost:
75 000,00 EUR
75 000,00 EUR
Types of activities:
art activities, educational activities, improvement of the quality of services / improving the skills of those working with people at risk of exclusion
Target groups:
prisoners, uniformed services

A Supreme Audit Office (NIK) 2014 report on Krzywaniec prison revealed a low success rate of resocialization. Since then, the facility has tried to introduce new methods of resocialization and is open to working with our Association. Under the Criminal Code, inmates’ entitlements include education and artistic development, and cultural and educational classes. However, the range on offer is definitely insufficient.
This project addresses the problem of vulnerability of inmates, objectifying them, and depriving them of self-esteem.
We will create a Centre for Prison Art, the first national facility for sharing know-how and development of methods concerning resocialization through art. The facility will be partly formed by inmates. We will conduct drama, literature, painting, music, and journalism (radio, prison quarterly) programs, and a mother and child home program (games, playing, and children’s activities). The participants will show their works at an exhibition, concert and theatre plays, and the Prison Art Festival. We will organize courses on theatre technology and auditorium operation. Two people will be employed at the Art Centre. We will also conduct a year-long course for a group of ten welfare officers and two probation officers on theatre work methods in vulnerable groups.
66 inmates will improve their soft skills and their sense of agency and independence, 10 – professional skills, 800 – a role in culture (quarterly, radio, events), and 15 will learn resocialization through art.
Inmates at Krzywaniec Prison, welfare officers, and probation officers will participate.
The prison will provide premises for workshops and help to select participants. The Frontis Association will share know-how on content-related issues and help to organize the workshops and festival. The Lubuski Theatre will provide premises for an internship and present a theatre piece and/or conduct children’s workshops, and present a piece at the Festival.

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We use the grant for capacity building

The organisation received an additional grant of EUR 10 000,00, under the Stronger Voice call, for the dissemination of the products and results achieved in the implemented project.

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