Citizens Network Watchdog Poland
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01-06-2022 - 30-04-2024
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99 072,00 EUR
99 072,00 EUR

Watchdog Polska mission: “We make sure that people know what the authorities are doing. We teach residents that they can ask the authorities about things that are important to them and show them what to do when officials avoid answering.” Watchdog’s main goal is to work for the protection of the right to information, guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights, the Polish Constitution and the law on access to public information. Watchdog monitors the issue of access to information by checking what information is available and how procedures function. It educates about the right to information by running the School of Watchdog Initiatives a remote course for people interested in the quality of governance in municipalities, and engages citizens in a joint analysis of documents on the internet platform. Since 2006, it has been providing legal counselling for people who want to exercise their right to information – by 2022 it had provided about 12,000 counselling sessions (about 1,200 a year). The strategy indicates 5 areas in which the organisation wants to strengthened: the ability to use international instruments to protect the right to information, to monitor changes in the law related to the right to information and to intervene effectively, the ability to work in coalition with other organisations, the development of an expert base and the creation of an efficient executive structure, with a good division of tasks and the ability to use resources, rationally dividing the work among its various participants. Watchdog wants to convince the EU, UN and other international institutions of the necessity to address the right to information in Poland; and politicians – that the right to information is a politically important issue for them. It wants to work for the unification of human rights organisations in a common effort to change the implementation of the right to information and to speak with a common voice about Polish problems and international solutions.

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The organisation received an additional grant of EUR 8,000.00 to enhance the products and results achieved under this grant.

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