Coalition for Health
civic sector development
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15-03-2021 - 15-05-2023
in progress
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117 850,00 EUR
117 850,00 EUR
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No health protection system is going to function well without a professionally operating patients’ organisations. Robust and energetic organisations are the guarantee of higher social awareness in the field of health, bring actual help to patients in their everyday challenges with illnesses but are also engaged in the dialogue on health care in Poland. Patients’ organisations are the only stakeholder engaged in interactions with all participants to the health care system: from regulators, through physicians and doctors, health services providers and payers to patients themselves. The project implementation is going to enhance the professionalism of the organisations when it comes to communication, image, good management and transparency. The project deliverables are going to be used in the long-term perspective in the subsequent activities not only on the part of the applicant but first and foremost – of the trained organisations.
“Coalition for Health” is the scheme addressed to patients’ organisations Poland-wide with special consideration of small or emerging organisations. The project is the reaction to the needs of the community and is supported with a profound analysis and through a cycle of audits, developing and launching the charter of rules for good management of patients’ organisations, launching an expert support centre and trainings intended specifically for those organisations, it will contribute to building a strong position and increased efficiency of those organisations’ activities in the health protection sector.
The project is enhanced by extensive partnership with the biggest patients’ coalitions in Poland by dint of which it will contribute to strengthening of the coalitions network and consolidation of the patients’ organisations community. Partners are going to be engaged in the developing the charter and its implementation within their member organisations and are going to promote all activities addressed to patients’ organisations.

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