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civic activity
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
01-02-2021 - 31-10-2022
Project cost:
62 177,00 EUR
55 721,00 EUR
Types of activities:
advocacy activities, watchdog activities, counteracting violence, intervention actions, networking
Target groups:
society, volunteers, activists / community leaders, officials and employees of public institutions

We have monitored the activities of 351 institutions, such as district courts, prosecutors’ offices, and regional police headquarters in all 16 voivodeships, regarding cases related to the prosecution and punishment of crimes against animals. According to a survey by the Public Opinion Research Center from 2018, 79% of Poles believe that animals deserve effective legal protection, and 84% want stricter penalties for perpetrators of animal abuse. However, according to our analysis, many crimes against animals go unpunished, and data on compliance with animal protection laws and law enforcement activities are insufficient.

In response to this problem, we trained 79 individuals in monitoring court proceedings and online media reports related to the prosecution of animal crimes and associated verdicts. We recruited participants from pro-animal non-governmental organizations as well as social and legal science students. We conducted surveys among representatives of pro-animal organizations, law enforcement, and the judiciary regarding their experiences with animal rights cases. Ultimately, 51 people signed a voluntary agreement with us to monitor court proceedings across Poland.

Along with our partner, thanks to the access to public information procedure, we obtained data on the enforcement of provisions of the Animal Protection Act from 351 institutions, including prosecutors’ offices, district courts, and regional police headquarters. We analyzed, among other things, 1903 verdicts from district courts. Finally, we prepared a public project report with recommendations for changes to the law. We also organized a press conference in Warsaw with a debate involving representatives from non-governmental organizations, politics, and law. Our project partner was the Animal Protection Association EKOSTRAŻ. They contributed knowledge and experience regarding the current animal protection law and its enforcement, as well as provided personnel support. They also assisted in sending out reports.

Thanks to the activities carried out within the project, we were able to obtain up-to-date data on the enforcement of animal protection laws and changes to its provisions by courts and law enforcement after 2016. We also verified the accuracy of the data provided by the Ministry of Justice. Additionally, from the evaluation surveys, we learned that 79 individuals increased their knowledge regarding the functioning of animal legal protection.

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