Do you have no influence at all? Towards stable employment in non-governmental organizations
civic sector development
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01-09-2021 - 29-02-2024
in progress
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137 400,00 EUR
124 900,00 EUR
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The project addresses one of the most important issues of the NGO sector in Poland: the lack of stability of employment. It is a pilot project, covering the area of Pomorskie Province.

Job instability is one of the key issues reported by employees in organizations, which is indicated by several recent research reports. The condition of NGO workers is weak, and the pandemic has made it even worse. Currently, nearly one in two organizations are struggling to maintain financial stability, and 34% of organizations are struggling to pay contracted employees on time. In the case of individuals employed under the civil law contracts the rate is as high as 45%. For more than half of active NGOs, job instability generates risks that threaten their institutional maintenance.

The project will enable the establishment of an alliance movement in the NGO sector that will influence the behavioral formation of NGO leaders and staff. We will examine and research whether and to what extent NGOs are introducing sufficient steps to increase the stability of their employment condition, and what effect they ultimately have so far. The project will also result in the creation of a publicly available study gathering good practices and guidelines.

We are aware that by implementing our project we will not dramatically improve the condition of the organizations’ employees, nevertheless we do hope that the initiated alliance movement will make the NGO leaders managers and local authorities conscious of this urgent problem. This will provide an opportunity to implement specific solutions over time that will help to ensure that the rights of NGO workers are respected. We planned and implement the project with a partner: Pomeranian Network of NGOs Centers, which has easy access to the project’s potential recipients and is responsible (within the project) for networking of allies and promotion.

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