DraBiNa: Drama, Biography, Narrative. Innovative method of activation of elderly
civic sector development
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
Ós Pressan kennitala, Reykjavík, Iceland
Via Salutis Foundation, Sokołowsko, Poland
01-04-2021 - 31-03-2023
in progess
Project cost:
149 925,00 EUR
149 925,00 EUR

The project is of a development and implementation nature and it aims at strengthening organizations working with seniors and equipping them with tools to increase the effectiveness of their work and – it is a value from the perspective of the development of the civic sector – the readiness of elderly people to be socially active, engaged, and included in important public matters.
The need for such activities is indicated by both studies conducted by the grantee and among participants of psychogerontology courses, who notice the lack of courses and materials for educational and developmental work with the environment of seniors, as well as statistical data indicating that only 12% out of 716 organizations classified as “for seniors” are involved in activities and education for seniors.
The majority of project activities will be addressed to educators and animators in organizations for seniors. We will develop and promote an educational program to activate senior citizens on the basis of our own method based on art, culture, narrative, biography, and drama.
We will strengthen at least 15 NGO in the area of gerontological education and organize a series of training courses for 20 people (representatives of NGO and other institutions). We intend to establish a network of cooperation comprising experts in education of 60+ people. We will publish two books: “Tool kit” and “Workbook for senior citizens”, which will be made available to everyone interested in them.
Organizations for seniors participating in the project or taking advantage of the materials developed will broaden their educational offer and strengthen their human resources.
The partners – Via Salutis Foundation and a partner from Iceland, Os Pressan – will share their know-how related to working for the benefit of the environment of senior citizens and environments at risk of social inclusion as well as with regard to educating gerontological experts, pedagogists, animators, and caretakers.

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