DraBiNa: Drama, Biography, Narrative. Innovative method of activation of elderly
civic sector development
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
Ós Pressan kennitala, Reykjavík, Iceland
Via Salutis Foundation, Sokołowsko, Poland
01-04-2021 - 31-03-2023
Project cost:
149 925,00 EUR
149 925,00 EUR

1. What were the issues or challenges the project aimed to address?

We implemented the project to fill the gap in the area of gerontological education, to create and disseminate innovative methods and techniques for working with seniors through manuals and training aimed at educators and leaders of senior communities. Our survey of NGOs at the stage of writing the project proved that third-age universities from small towns, operating as NGOs, among others, need training for senior educators. Seniors expect workshop-like, creative forms of work, enabling interaction and establishing relationships. Organizations need capacity strengthening in activities for seniors. Especially NGOs in small towns need working tools and support in specialization of staff. There are gaps in the educational market in training offerings for senior educators, other than postgraduate degrees, which are expensive and out of reach for everyone. Organizations working for seniors are scattered, it was important to create a network of such institutions.

2 What did the project do?

A conference was held to launch the project with information, integration, education and networking, new methods of working with seniors were developed, a “Seniors’ Workbook” and a “Toolbox” were published, a study visit to Iceland and a study visit by Icelandic women to Poland were implemented. Workshops testing new methods of work for seniors were held, training sessions were held for 20 educators from NGOs and institutions involved in the education of seniors. A closing conference was also organized, during which the results of the project were presented and networking activities were conducted.

3 What results did the project achieve and for whom?

The project was successful, civic organizations dealing with seniors were strengthened. Their representatives were trained, equipped with tools, established a network of cooperation. The achieved change will be long-lasting, educators use the network, declare readiness to implement joint projects. Currently, 4 institutions from the network have joined the Mobile Nestor Academy project implemented by Via Salutis. Representatives of institutions from the network are taking part in training courses under the “WzMOCnieni” project implemented by Via Salutis.
As a result of the project’s implementation, the following benefited: organizations and social institutions working for the benefit of seniors and the educators representing them, who gained knowledge, and seniors who participated in the workshops.

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We use the grant for capacity building

The organisation received an additional grant of EUR 9 999,00, under the Stronger Voice call, for the dissemination of the products and results achieved in the implemented project.

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