Frank Bold Foundation
organisational grant
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01-05-2022 - 30-04-2024
in progess
Project cost:
95 000,00 EUR
95 000,00 EUR

The Frank Bold Foundation is part of the international team of Frank Bold lawyers (in Poland since 2012). The main goal of FBF is environmental protection implemented through activities aimed at the energy transition of Poland, as well as strengthening the legal competence of other NGOs and grassroots initiatives through training on environmental law and legal support. FBF monitors the state and application of environmental law, taking part in administrative and administrative court proceedings and formulating postulates in the legislative process aimed at strengthening environmental protection and broadening NGOs’ powers.

FBF carries out air protection activities through precedent-setting legal proceedings, as well as workshops and trainings on anti-smog resolutions, providing legal advice and providing support in legislative processes at the local and national level. In 2021 alone, it trained more than 2,000 officials, municipal police officers and police officers on air pollution protection legislation. The Foundation’s lawyers are involved on the public side in proceedings concerning planned and existing lignite and hard coal mines as well as existing and planned fossil fuel-fired power plants. They have been instrumental in ensuring that the Gubin, Złoczew, Paruszowiec or Imielin Północ mines will not be built and that plans to build the Ostrołęka C coal-fired power plant have been abandoned. Thanks to the organisational grant, the Foundation will, among other things, prepare and implement a communication strategy and train staff in this area, create an internship programme for lawyers interested in environmental law, and continue its advocacy activities.

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