FULL RIGHTS – people with disabilities dealing with their affairs in courts and government authorities
human rights
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
01-10-2021 - 30-09-2023
Project cost:
88 380,00 EUR
75 000,00 EUR
Types of activities:
intervention actions, advocacy activities, watchdog activities, use the effects of monitoring to conduct advocacy or intervention activities
Target groups:
decision makers, persons with disabilities, officials and employees of public institutions

The project addressed the problem of discrimination against persons with disabilities in administrative and judicial proceedings in the Pomorskie Voivodeship. In Poland, there are still no anti-discrimination and inclusion procedures for persons with disabilities in administrative and judicial procedures. Meanwhile, having exhausted the possibility to use free legal aid available at the early stages of proceedings, people with disabilities – deprived of an attorney – cannot properly defend themselves. Moreover, they are often perceived as unreliable by judges and prosecutors. Disability affects decisions by judges in family cases (e.g. child custody) or decisions by prosecutors in criminal cases (e.g. failure to order a violent offender to leave his home).

As part of the project, Project Promoter supported 30 people with disabilities in proceedings before authorities and courts. The support concerned cases of violations or limitations of human rights, discrimination and violence throughout the Pomorskie Voivodeship. Based on the identified violations, thematic audits (petitions) were conducted in 30 public institutions, which identified specific problems. In the next step, systemic solutions were proposed in specific areas. A total of 5 institutions took into account the postulates and recommendations for change formulated by Project Promoter with regard to persons with disabilities. As part of the social campaign, Project Promoter conducted, among other things, training for authorities and NGOs and launched a project information hotline.

Thanks to the project, 30 persons with disabilities have been supported in proceedings before public administration and justice authorities, have regained agency, and their rights have started to be respected. The activities also influenced the work of institutions – the knowledge and awareness of people working in public administration and the judiciary regarding the rights of persons with disabilities increased. 5 institutions responded positively to the audit and introduced changes to their work standards in terms of serving people with disabilities – these include the Mayor of Gdynia, the Medical Council, the Mayor of Władysławowo, the Municipal Social Welfare Centre in Sopot, the Polish Post Office SA, and the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Wejherowo.

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