Let’s talk about poverty and social exclusion
empowerment of vulnerable groups
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
EAPN á Íslandi, Reykjavík, Iceland
01-12-2021 - 31-03-2023
in progress
Project cost:
84 816,00 EUR
84 816,00 EUR
Types of activities:
advocacy activities, self-advocacy
Target groups:
people at risk of poverty/in poverty

An estimated 17% of the population in Poland face poverty every day and are consequently frequently excluded from community life and stigmatized. The need to include these groups and the organizations working with them in work to devise solutions, strategies and schemes to counteract exclusion is emphasized in the European Anti-Poverty Network (what poverty is and how to fight it, 2020). This has found that these measures are insufficient in Poland (2019 report).

When addressing this problem, we intend to enhance the competencies of people who experience poverty and social exclusion, and improve their say, and of social organizations in solving the problems of poverty and access to social services.

We will organize joint discussions among various groups on the subject of poverty and exclusion (four meetings of Participatory Groups – devising standpoints for authorities, four regional debates with study visits). We will select a group of five self-advocates (two meetings) to work on reports on poverty in Poland (2021-2022), brochures on right of access to social services, and a guide on writing about poverty in the media for journalists. We will hold a journalism competition for the best article/reportage/program about poverty, and two meetings of social organizations, and publish a monthly newsletter.

This will mean an improvement of knowledge of CSOs and people experiencing poverty and exclusion, increase in media sensitivity, and public awareness.

People experiencing poverty and exclusion (ten people), organizations that work with them, public authorities, and journalists – 150 people will participate.
The partner (EAPN Iceland) will share its know-how on direct inclusion of people experiencing poverty and exclusion in advocacy measures and public debates, and produce an expert opinion for measures of that kind in Poland.

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