#maszwsparcie – Reactive and informational campaign
human rights
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
Szal and Partners Law Firm, Jabłonna, Poland
25-10-2021 - 23-10-2022
in progress
Project cost:
29 933,00 EUR
29 933,00 EUR
Types of activities:
social actions and campaigns, intervention actions and assistance for women exposed to violence, including domestic and sexual violence, counteracting gender-based violence
Target groups:
persons experiencing violence, society, officials and employees of public institutions

The project addresses the problem of gender-based violence and insufficient support for women who suffer abuse. Approximately one million women in Poland have suffered domestic violence, and more than 70 000 Blue Cards are created every year. This problem is part of the broader social and political context – the government does not take essential measures of any kind to prevent violence, and the government’s withdrawal from the Istanbul convention on violence against women has now become a reality. Although there are a number of CSOs active in Wrocław that help women who experience violence and provide for instance free legal aid, in terms of the scale of the problem, the help available is still insufficient. There are also no measures to raise public awareness of this issue.
Under the project, the Project Promoter will provide free legal support for women who suffer violence (270 h). This legal support will include drafting pleadings, representing women in cases of harassment or discrimination at work, instigating criminal cases, and advising people who are arrested during protests. A public campaign will be conducted at the same time in which 25 articles will be written on women’s rights, three interviews will be held with experts, and ten spots and three webinars will be made.
Legal advice will be provided for 135 women who suffer violence, while the campaign is intended for both women at risk of abuse and for society as a whole, including people who deal with abuse in their occupation (including people working in aid institutions or local government authorities) and journalists.
A law firm will be a partner in the project and provide advice for people at risk of discrimination, exclusion, and abuse. The partner’s role will be to provide legal consultations and expert support for the campaign.

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