Mazovian Coalition for the dialog between NGOs and LGEs
civic sector development
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
County Office in Płońsk, Płońsk, Poland
Rosa Foundation, Przasnysz, Poland
20-03-2021 - 15-01-2024
in progress
Project cost:
135 940,00 EUR
135 940,00 EUR
Types of activities:
Target groups:

The objective of the project entitled “Mazovian Coalition for the dialog between NGOs and LGEs” is to increase the potential and stability of non-governmental organizations in Mazovian Province, including their capabilities to conduct activities in cooperation with local governments, their abilities to shape legal and political environment at both local and regional level, and advocacy activities, by supporting NGOs and officials cooperating with NGOs as well as local governments.
The project is an answer to the needs related to the improvement in cooperation between non-governmental organizations and local government entities. As studies show, 82% of organizations in Poland cooperate with local governments, however, only 32% of them deem this cooperation to be close. As indicated in the study by the Mazowia Federation, the situation in Mazovian Province is not different than the average situation in Poland. The problem is related to the lack of not only local cooperation networks of NGOs, which would represent the interests of social entities and provide advocacy services, but even opportunities for NGOs and LGEs to meet and talk about their activities and needs.
We plan to conduct 6 local studies and 6 processes developing the cooperation between local governments and non-governmental organizations operating in their territory. Additionally, we will be conducting supporting activities (i.a. training courses, a conference, advisory) for social entities and local governments. Activities supporting officials and local authorities in establishing and developing cooperation with organizations are a vital element of the project. We would like to encourage them to participate in the network of officials cooperating with organization.
District Starost Office in Płońsk and the ROSA Federation are project partners. Thanks to them, our activities are rooted locally and we have an opportunity to create and test prototype solutions.

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