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human rights
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
01-11-2021 - 28-02-2023
Project cost:
24 912,00 EUR
24 912,00 EUR
Types of activities:
art activities, information activities
Target groups:
relatives, LGBT+, local community

The project responds to the increasing violence and hate speech against LGBT+ people in Krakow. The vast majority of LGBT+ people have experienced hate speech, many of them victims of psychological and physical violence. Unfortunately, the number of homophobic acts of hatred has been increasing rapidly in recent years. The nationwide context and the political and media campaigning against LGBT+ people, including the narrative of ‘hostile LGBT ideology’ or the establishment of so-called ‘LGBT-free zones’ by local governments, is not insignificant. The hate campaign encourages social radicalisation, especially among young people.

As part of the project, the Project Promoter prepared an exhibition of artworks on the issue of violence against LGBT+ people. The exhibition was accompanied by curatorial tours and meetings with artists. Direct support was offered to LGBT+ people and their relatives in the form of psychological consultations. The Project Promoter prepared and conducted a series of 5 art and anti-discrimination workshops for teaching staff. 5 anti-discrimination workshops were also conducted, complemented by the topic of creating safer club spaces. These were aimed at the music and club environment, including security guards, managers and other employees and workers for LGBT+ people from Ukraine. The final element of the project was an anti-discrimination campaign on TikTok consisting of a series of short videos.

The project benefited various groups: the Krakow LGBT+ community and their relatives, educators, the club and music community, the local community, including young people. The exhibition brought a nuanced reflection on identity, queer aesthetics, exclusion and discrimination to the social debate. Awareness of the discrimination and violence experienced by the LGBT+ community has increased among viewers of the exhibition and educational activities.

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