Polish Donors Forum
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01-05-2022 - 30-04-2024
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99 763,00 EUR
99 763,00 EUR

The Donors’ Forum in Poland is an association of foundations and associations whose goals are to advocate for good laws for social organisations and donors and to strengthen the capacity of philanthropic institutions. In 2006 Forum fought to maintain PIT and CIT relief for donors, in 2007 it stopped a draft of a new law on foundations that extended the minister’s supervision. In 2009-14, the Forum coordinated the work of a group of around 40 organisations seeking a new law on public collections. In 2018, it opposed an amendment to this law, which threatened a return to government licensing of collections. More than 600 organisations and 110,000 citizens signed appeals opposing the changes. In 2021 Forum, together with OFOP, drafted a position paper on the draft NGO reporting law, which was signed by more than 40 federations. As a result, the next version of the draft no longer contains provisions obliging organisations to disclose donor data. In 2012-15 The Forum together with 45 foundations developed standards for the operation of corporate foundations. They define the rules for the provision of support, the principles for building relations with stakeholders and the financing of foundations. Regularly, every 5 years, in cooperation with the Klon/Jawor Association, the Forum conducts a survey of corporate foundations. Currently the Forum is leading a debate in the 3rd sector on good foundation law, the conclusions of the seminars, workshops and survey, will be used to develop recommendations in this respect. Thanks to the institutional grant, the Forum plans to increase the visibility of the organisation and broaden its membership base, which will translate into greater financial stability of the organisation (70% financed by contributions). It will develop the shape of the Polish Organisations’ Climate Commitment and help organisations to implement it, conduct another survey of corporate foundations and update the operating standards for this group.

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The organisation received an additional grant of EUR 8,000.00 to enhance the products and results achieved under this grant.

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