Roma leaders against exclusion
empowerment of vulnerable groups
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01-11-2021 - 30-06-2022
in progess
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24 307,00 EUR
24 307,00 EUR
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The Roma people are among the most marginalized groups in the educational system and labor market (Program for Roma Integration in Poland for 2014-2020. Best Practices, E. Mirga-Wójtowicz). Integration mechanisms are accessible in the Polish education system (Roma Education Assistant), but knowledge of these systems is not sufficiently disseminated within the Roma community or local government authorities. In most places, REAs are not employed at all or are insufficient in number (Kraków – three people per 180 children). Most Roma people do not speak Polish at a level enabling them to attend training involving specific, for example legal, terminology.
This project aims to enhance awareness among the Roma community of their rights and their ability to enforce them, devise a training model suitable for their language level and Roma cultural norms, and create a support network around the Roma community.
We will collect and produce materials on legal and administrative solutions and case studies (extensive interviews with Roma Education Assistants and local government officials in the school community). We will hold workshops to improve competencies of Roma leaders (legal solutions, promoting cooperation, building alliances and coalitions) and workshops (in six locations) on self-advocacy and coalition-building for those leaders and those around them.
Two books on best practices will be produced, describing the available legal mechanisms and how they can be used to combat exclusion of Roma people, for the Roma community and local government authorities. Fourteen Roma community leaders from throughout Poland will improve their competences, 45 people will undergo self-advocacy training, and 90 (including 45 non-Roma people) will be trained on coalition-building and effective cooperation.
The partner – Łaźnia Radomski Klub Środowisk Twórczych and Galeria – will participate in creating a book for local government authorities and assist with coalition-building workshops.

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