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human rights
City (headquarters):
Voivodeship (headquarters):
15-01-2021 - 15-12-2022
in progress
Project cost:
79 728,70 EUR
74 980,00 EUR
Types of activities:
educational activities, information activities, advocacy activities
Target groups:
decision makers, migrants, youth

10% of residents of Kraków are people of Ukrainian origin. Official figures concerning this group continue to be incorrect or inconsistent. The language barrier, lack of understanding of cultural differences, stereotypes, and discrimination affect Ukrainians in many spheres of life: work, school, boarding school, and in relations with institutions and services. Neither local government policy, nor activities of institutions address this group’s problems. The project aims to improve observance of human rights and equality for the Ukrainian minority in Kraków and the region.

The project comprises intervention, informational, awareness-raising, and advocacy activities. With respect to intervention, there are plans for a support center for immigrants, especially for people subjected to discrimination and violence victims, and a Women’s Club for female migrants will be created. Information activities will be conducted as a videoblog, and phrasebooks will be produced for doctors, police, and the city guard. The awareness-raising element will include measures to empower schoolchildren in the school environment (workshops, support sessions, a competition) and measures aimed at adults: culture assistants and members of social and educational institutions (workshops, networking, plans for learning activities). The advocacy measures will be distribution of reports with analysis of data collected during the project. In addition, networking organizations will be active, to improve the system of support and defense of human rights in Kraków, in particular female migrants who experience discrimination and violence.

As a result, foreigners will receive direct support, have more powerful representatives of their communities, and gain broader access to information and services that help with exercise of their rights. Meanwhile, institutions will improve their knowledge of needs of minorities and the options for working with local partners in the Ukrainian community.

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